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Single Ply Roofing Membranes in Charlotte, Concord & Salisbury, NC & Rock Hill, SC

Single Ply Roofing Membranes in Charlotte, Concord & Salisbury, NC & Rock Hill, SC

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When you are searching for a commercial roof, it doesn't take long to see that there are tons of choices available to you. Among the many options you have, single ply membranes may stand out as an extra effective commercial roofing solution, so we will discuss the varieties we offer, here. The title is pretty self-explanatory, so as you can assume, these roofing membranes are designed to be applied in a single layer of defense. Call our team today at to discover more about our single ply roofing in Charlotte, Concord & Salisbury, NC & Rock Hill, SC, or ask us for a quote. We offer a list of alternative roofing services too, including business, metal, and home roof repairs and installations.

Kinds Of Single

As with any roof type, you can count on different roof kinds to boast different benefits, but nearly every single ply membrane option can provide reliable leak defense, flexibility, along with UV damage resistance. EPDM is likely the polymer we install most often to commercial building owners interested in single ply membranes. Also known as rubber roofing, this polymer is pleasantly lightweight. One reason rubber roofing is so popular is because it is manufactured in large rolls that often enable it to be applied as a single piece, reducing the number of seams on the roof's surface. Among the other membranes, you can purchase from The Roofing Guy, LLC are TPO and PVC membranes. As thermoplastic membranes, both options defend against leaks with impressively strong heat-welded seals. EPDM is the most popular, but PVC is the most resilient, and the top of the line choice. All single-ply roofing materials work in different ways but do a great job at protecting your roof. There are benefits to each one you can choose from. If you have questions about the different kinds, or want to ask questions or get opinions on what would most benefit you, give us a call today at our Concord and Charlotte, NC or Rock Hill, SC location.

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Long lasting life, with quick and easy installation, EPDM roofing is something our experts have done many times before.

Whether it's a new roof, or restoration, our experts in roofing can handle it all when it comes to vulcanized rubber roofing.

We all want the building that we work in to be the comfortable area imaginable, having the interior and the individuals in it utterly protected from harm. A way that office building owner will have greater contentment and ensure the protection of the interior and the people in it is by purchasing a resilient and long-standing roof. A great roofing system like EPDM will protect the interior and the individuals in it with its sturdy material, its reputation for being weather proof, and for having an incredibly long-lasting life. At The Roofing Guy, LLC we are qualified in installing EPDM roofing to office buildings and we are here to install these outstanding roofs to your commercial building. Our certified roofers are able to offer customers with EPDM roof constructions that are able to have their roof looking better and standing longer than their prior commercial roofing system. For a roofing contractor who is skilled in EPDM roof constructions in Concord and Charlotte, NC or Rock Hill, SC , call The Roofing Guy, LLC, for the highest quality EPDM roofing imaginable.