Built Up Roofing

Built-up Roofing Has a Great Reputation for Being a High-Quality Choice for Your Commercial Building.

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Our structure's roofs are an extremely important function of the architecture, so it's imperative that the roof must be sturdy, cost-effective, and provides a lot of security to the structure. Having a history of being a reliable roofing system for business buildings is critical, and fortunately, built-up roofing, or asphalt and gravel roofing, have a ton of credibility. Starting in the 1870's, built up roofs have been delivering commercial structures such as schools, medical, and other industrial buildings with dependable protection that can continue. The roofing contractors at The Roofing Guy LLC are here to offer customers region with built-up roofing installations and other roofing work that will have long-lasting protection toward extreme weather, outside elements, and roof destruction. When you own an eating establishment, medical, or other building that needs an upgrade, imagine built-up roofing assembling in Charlotte, Concord & Salisbury, NC & Rock Hill, SC; just call our expert roofing contractors now for incredible built-up roof services.

Extra Protection for Your Building

Extra Protection for Your Building

Built up roofs can offer prolonged security to structures like restaurants, schools, and other industrial buildings because of how durable the roof material is. Roofs that are able to tolerate bad weather, fires, and punctures are the most demanded, and because built up roofing systems satisfy each of these requirements, it continues to be a popular roof product after 140 years. The long-lasting functioning of the built up roof has a good deal to do with how it is assembled. It incorporates layers of felt to the surface of the roofing system that are subsequently bonded with asphalt, then finished with gravel for additional security.
With the multiple tiers, tar, and gravel bonded together, the built up roofing system can resist severe weather, wear and tear, and additional outside factors which are able to affect a roofing system. When built up roof installations are handled correctly, you will benefit from long-lasting security, and the roofers at The Roofing Guy, LLC will offer remarkable assembling that is able to have your roof sustaining for two decades or a lot longer.

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Our roofing contractors are available to provide customers in the community with an improvement in their roofing systems with a superior built-up roofing assembling. If you need a roofer who has decades of experience assembling and maintaining built-up roofing systems on eating establishments, hospitals, and several other business structures, our roofing contractors can introduce a superior built-up roofing system that is efficient, sturdy, and high-quality. We are able to offer better built up roof assembling because of two things, 1) We only hire qualified roofing contractors, and 2) We only use high-quality roof tools and products to give you an enhanced performing roof. We deliver built-up roof services like assembling and upkeep that will offer your building the long-lasting security that it deserves. We understand your roofing needs a and will make sure they are all taken care of. Better built-up roofing assembling in Concord and Charlotte, NC, and Rock Hill, SC can be attained when you set up an appointment with one of our roofers by calling today; a high-quality roofing system for your business building is only a telephone call away.