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"The Roofing Guy" Story and Partners

"We have weathered the storms and economic downturns through the years and we are still here to service our new and old customers." As a company, as well as individually, we have strong family values. We strive to treat our customers as family. We stand behind our work and represent our manufacturers and in some cases we are called upon when other installers have had a problem completing the job. As a company, "The Roofing Guy, LLC", is a close knit group that works and plays together. We enjoy being around one another and it shows.

The management team that has been assembled at "The Roofing Guy, LLC" is not only unmatched in the industry it's become a family affair! Thus dependability and trust is unmatched within the company.

Allan McClellan:

Allan McClellan:

Founder and Managing Member of "The Roofing Guy, LLC". A seasoned land development and building professional with more than 40 years' experience in the Industry. Has developed and delivered more than 7500 lots in the Charlotte market and has built thousands of houses through his career. He understands the need and importance of budgets and schedules as well as personal attention to detail, service and communication. He prides himself on being contagious among his partners and team members to share his vision of customer service and attention to detail.

He originally started a roofing company to be an added value to his builders that purchased lots from his development activities. After the downturn in the economy with the "Banking Crisis", he added partners and additional team members to expand the business. Adding a commercial and residential re-roofs division while staying true to the builder market.

Meet the other partners in

Meet the other partners in "The Roofing Guy, LLC":

Rich McCartt:

Rich McCartt is a personal friend and partner with Allan in other ventures since the mid 1980's. An experienced special projects manager with close ties to the IT community. He has worked extensively with new construction logistics utilizing technology to better support the process. He has extensive knowledge of the remodel and inspection process for projects in North and South Carolina.

He works diligently to pay close attention to details and quality in new home and/or remodel (tear-off roofing) jobs. He is constantly looking at quality control and better ways to provide high quality roofing installation with a goal of reducing cost to our customers.

He is especially experienced in weather damage and roof repairs. He has become the company go to man for projects involving insurance claims.

Matt Tucker:

Matt Tucker:

Matt Tucker is not only a friend to Allan and Rich, he is also Family (Matt married Allan's Daughter). He is an experienced new construction and remodel team leader, supervising crews to ensure quality control, schedules and proper installation procedures are completed to the company standards and vision. With a background in telecommunication and fiber installation, becoming a crew leader/head tech at Comporium Communications and running multiple crews for many years before joining the development/construction industry with Allan, has proven to be a great foundation on which to build when managing multiple crews and projects within "The Roofing Guy, LLC".

He is a handle it kind of guy. Matt has a great personality and attitude. We've yet to meet anyone that doesn't like Matt. It must be his performance background as a country singer that gives him the charisma that attracts people. Thus he has become our customer service rep to all builders and their project managers.